The Al Barari Experience: Adventurous, Culinary, Thoughtful

Al Barari takes its guests on a journey not just bringing luxury and great food, but cultural and environmental insights as well, – providing audiences with a rich and thoughtful experience.

Al Barari Nature Walk

Discover the delicate life-pulse of the desert through the sole of your boot. Nothing draws you closer to your environment and to Mother Earth than on a walking trail. Our expert guides will take you on an immersive desert walk where you will learn about the desert wildlife and search for their footprints left in the sand. The photo shows tracks of a Spiny-tailed agama (Uromastyx aegyptia microllepis) seen at The Outpost Al Barari.

Exclusive Inland Sea Safari

Depart from Al Barari in bespoke Landcruisers and ensure your photographic equipment is ready. This nature drive will take you to the heart of the globally unique Khor Al-Adaid (Inland Sea) where our expert guides will shed light on the geology, flora & fauna of this globally unique environment. This adventurous safari will include a photogenic Outpost style picnic at the shores of the inland sea.

Body & Soul Fitness Program

Al Barari’s workout programs are the next level “Body & Soul approach” to fitness. In the seclusion of the Inland Sea, Al Barari’s programs take up to three days and include a personalized nutrition and motivation plan. For those seeking out-of-the box, transformative fitness experiences.

Yoga on the Dunes

For those seeking reconnection and stillness, Al Barari’s yoga specialist guides guests through a personalized movement session, with heartstirring 360º views from the magnificent ‘Al Barari’ dune.

Outdoor Cinema

Be transported back to the timeless age of outdoor cinematography whilst you experience a classic movie, carefully selected masterpieces chosen for one purpose: to enthrall you. Some in monochromatic, some in vivid technicolor, all wonderful.

Romantic Dinner Under The Stars

Enjoy an unforgettable 4-course dinner. The immense desert panorama sets the beautiful stage, from which your grand style safari table takes its lead, a truly unique culinary experience.

Fat-Bike Trail

Fill your water bottle and explore the desert by electrical fatbike. We have selected several routes that will lead you outward alongside our fabulous ‘Al Barari’ dune or take the longer “beach route” to the shores of the turquoise Arabian Sea.

Camel Ride

Experience Qatar’s desert like Lawrence of Arabia. Ascend the ridge of a magnificent sand dune and walk its ridge whilst you become one within the grand desert vista. Our guides will give fascinating insights on the desert ecosystem. This is the ultimate family experience because it is appropriate for all ages.

Hot Air Balloon

Capturing magnificent photographic memories, this Al Barari Hot Air Balloon is a must and comes highly recommended. The balloon is safely tied to the ground and as the sturdy basket raises up to 50m you are blessed with a spectacular view of the dramatic desert land and dunescape.