Leave Healthier Than You Arrived

Get healthier in our curated desert workout programs with a personalized meal plan, enjoy Al Barari’s signature massage treatments, or simply rewind at our spectacular open-air infinity pool in the middle of the desert. Harvest the benefits of connecting with nature – increased mindfulness and reduced stress.

Earth-connecting Massages

Al Barari’s signature, traditionally inspired massages use among others desert dune sand stimulating the skin’s firmness. Our massage therapist is available for treatments in our Spa Tent or in the comfort and privacy of your suite.

Yoga on the Dunes

For those seeking reconnection and stillness, Al Barari’s yoga specialist guides guests through a personalized movement session, with heartstirring 360º views from the magnificent ‘Al Barari’ dune.

Desert Workouts Programs

For those seeking out-of-the box, transformative fitness experiences. Al Barari’s programs take up to three days and include a personalized diet plan.